Boost Pedals

Kick your electric guitar signal up with a boost pedal! Boost pedals do not change the guitar's frequency range or tone. 
A boost pedal provides an extra channel for your amp by increasing the volume level of the signal going in. 

You will find boost pedals from brands such as MXR, Catalinbread, Wampler, Keeley, and Xotic.

How does a boost pedal work?

Mission Engineering has a fantastic explanation: "it takes the low level output from a guitar pick up and increases it before passing on to the next part of the signal chain. The number of times the amplifier can increase the output power over the input power is referred to as the gain."

What is the difference between boost and gain?

Boost increases the volume without necessarily changing the tone. Gain impacts the tone. Gain is typically associated with overdrive or distortion.

What is the difference between a boost pedal, overdrive pedal, and a distortion pedal?

All of these pedals add grit to your tone. Boost adds a small amount, overdrive adds a medium amount. For the maximum amount of grit you would want distortion.