Seymour Duncan

Helping musicians find their signature sound since 1976

Seymour Duncan was started by Seymour and Cathy with a committment to quality and consistency. It has grown to become a leader in the pickup industry.


All of Seymour Duncan's Pickups are made right here in the USA and assembled in Santa Barbara, California.

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Seymour Duncan Products at Macdaddy Music

Seymour Duncan is the industry leader in pickups for electric guitar and bass guitar. Their product lineup is wide ranging, innovative, and high quality. Among their outstanding pickups, Seymour Duncan is known for their JB Humbucker, which is part of their top selling Hotrodded Humbucker set. They are also known for their Antiquity series of pickups.

Macdaddy Music offers free shipping on Seymour Duncan products in the USA. We are proud to carry the following Seymour Duncan products:

Seymour Duncan Warranty

Seymour Duncan offers a one year limited warranty on labors and material that begins on the day that the item is purchased. The warranty does not apply if you have modified the unit or treated it unkindly.

21 Day Exchange Policy

Seymour Duncan has had the 21 Day Exchange policy in place since 1979! Buy the pickup you think you need and try it out. If it turns out you would like a different product, simply contact Macdaddy Music or Seymour Duncan and we will help you figure out the right set up for you. Macdaddy Music is an authorized Seymour Duncan dealer and we are happy to honor the 21 Day Exchange Policy.

What artists use Seymour Duncan products?

Artists such as Slash, Joe Perry, Dicky Betts, Mark Hoppus, and Tommy Thayer use Seymour Duncan Pickups. You can find the entire massive list of the Seymour Duncan family here.

What are the best Seymour Duncan Pickups?

We can't tell you what the best pickups are...the best pickups are the ones that will fit your guitar and help you get the sound you want. What we can tell you is what Seymour Duncan's best selling pickups are!

According to Seymour Duncan, the top seven selling pickups are:

Seymour Duncan's Antiquity Line of Pickups

Seymour Duncan wanted to design a pickup that looked old and also had vintage tone. What came is the Antiquity series. We love this series of picups!.