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Lace Products at Macdaddy Music

Lace is known for their noiseless design found in their Sensor series of single coil pickups. For decades, players such as Eric Clapton have relied on them for quiet operation in their Strat guitars. Lace also innovated the Alumitone pickup design which is entirely different than a traditional pickup design offering what some describe as a high definition sound compared to traditional pickups. We are proud to carry Lace electric guitar and bass guitar products at Macdaddy Music:

Lace Warranty Information

All Lace Pickups come with a 5 year warranty, pending receipt/proof of purchase. Macdaddy Music is an authorized Lace dealer. You can find our return policy here.

What artists use Lace products?

Lace products are used by artists such as Brian Amalfitano, Jonathon Campos, Josh Steely, Shawn Stockman, and Carson Ward. You can find the expansive list of Lace artists here.

Are Alumitone pickups active or passive?

Alumitone pickups are passive pickups.

What is the difference between the Lace Alumitone and a Lace Sensor pickup?

The Alumitone functions as a close loop primary transformer. This gives a broadband HDTv for your ears response. The Sensor uses a focused magnetic field as a basis for its sound.