Lace California Acoustic Pickup - Switchcraft Endpin Jack

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The Lace California Acoustic Pickup - Switchcraft Endpin Jack. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

Slim, sleek design with excellent output describes the California Acoustic sound hole pickup. Extra quiet operation combined with high output and tonal excellence gives this acoustic guitar pickup an edge over the competition.

The California Acoustic pickup comes with a high quality cable, which is mated to a female Switchcraft end pin jack. The end pin jack is a high quality chrome housing encompassing the best in jack design. Organic cork helps protect your guitar's finish with a positive clamping setup.

Compare this super high quality acoustic pickup to any "slab of wood" type of sound hole pickup with 20 feet of cable and you will know the difference. Quality, craftsmanship and tone set the California Acoustic far apart from the others.

Choose from high quality 12' cable with a Switchcraft brand 1/4" male plug, or female end pin jack.

Available: Black Only

  • Position: sound hole
  • Resistance: 4.0k
  • Peak frequency: 4600
  • Inductance: 1.3 henries
Lace California Acoustic Pickup - Switchcraft Endpin Jack
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Height: 1.00
Depth: 6.00
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