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Wampler Pedals

Where Tone Chasing Begins

Founded by Brian Wampler in the early 2000's with a vision of making solid, tone packed boutique pedals that inspire musicians. Each Wampler is custom designed and built in USA using only the finest components available for superior sound and response. 

Wampler at Macdaddy Music

Wampler is one of the first boutique pedal companies. Some of their more popular pedals are the Plexidrive Distortion pedal , the Tumnus Overdrive pedal, and the Faux Tape Echo. Macdaddy Music is proud to carry the following Wampler pedals: overdrive and distortion pedals, compression pedals, EQ pedals, reverb and delay pedals, modulation pedals, boost pedals, and fuzz pedals.

Macdaddy Music offers free shipping on Wampler effects pedals in the USA.