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"Great musicians use Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. Their audiences expect them to sound and play great whether in the studio, on the stage, or even in the woodshed. With Bartolini, they know they can deliver. "


Made in the USA.

Bartolini Products at Macdaddy Music

Bartolini is one of the preeminent bass pickup brands. We are proud to carry Bartolini products at Macdaddy Music.

Bartolini Policy Information

Bartolini's return and refund policies can be found here.

Macdaddy Music is an Authorized Bartolini Retailer. You can find our return policy here.

Bartolini Artists

Bartolini products are used by artists such as Justin Raines, Chance Wilder Onody, Mike Kneally, Norm Stockton, and Nicole Row. You can see the full list of artists who endorse Bartolini here.