Bartolini 8SU Vintage Precision Bass Single Coil pickup

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Bartolini 8SU Vintage Precision Bass Single Coil Pickup

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The 8SU is the Fender Precision Bass® (P Bass® ) replacement pickup. They are highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for their vintage voicing – more lows and low-mids. They have lower output than 8CBP.

The two pickups in the P-Bass pair overlap each other by 3/4″ (19mm).

The “original series” bass pickups with passive designs. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.

The lengths of the neck and bridge pickups in the original J-basses are not equal. The neck pickup is 3-5/8″ long which is slightly shorter than the bridge pickup which is 3-3/4″ long. Some modern designs, however, use two ‘long’ bridge-length pickups. In this configuration it is important to use the “LN” (long neck) pickup that is specifically designed to work in this position (do not use a bridge pickup in the neck position). Some (very few) use two ‘short’ neck length pickups. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly.

Bartolini 8SU Vintage Precision Bass Single Coil Pickup Additional Information

Bass Guitar


Pickup Shape

Standard P Bass

Pickup Series

Original Bass

Coil Type

Single Coil

Width (inches/mm)

1.08 / 27.43

Length (inches/mm)

2.20 / 55.75 (ears not incl.)

Tone Description

Vintage voicing – more lows and low-mids – lower output than 8CBP

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Bartolini 8SU Vintage Precision Bass Single Coil pickup
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