Rocktron RMM900 7 Pin MIDI Cable - 30'

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The Rocktron RMM900 7 pin MIDI cable provides power to Rocktron MIDI pedals from compatible Rocktron branded effects units in addition to standard MIDI capabilities.

• Transfers MIDI commands from your MIDI footcontroller (with 7-PIN MIDI Out Jack) to any MIDI-controllable gear with 7-Pin MIDI input.
• Carries A/C power to your footcontroller. Plug either end of the 7-Pin MIDI cable into a MIDI input jack and the other end into the output of your MIDI footcontroller. Plug your footcontroller’s A/C adaptor into the receptacle on the back of your preamp, amplifier or effects unit marked “phantom power”. (Pins 6 and 7 of the MIDI cable will transfer power to your footcontroller).
• 30 foot length (900 cm)

Rocktron RMM900 7 Pin MIDI Cable - 30'
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