Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8 programmable patch bay

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Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8

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The Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8 is a revamped version of the classic Rocktron PatchMate.  It provides 128 programmable presets, eight loops and can be used for multiple applications.  Channel switching, effects loops, guitar routing and more!

The PatchMate Loop 8 is easy to set up and program with real time user controls.  Program the unit from the front panel using the lighted buttons.  Recall presets using MIDI program changes.  Control and loop in real time using MIDI Continuous Controllers.  The PatchMate Loop 8 supports intelligent latching and momentary switching sensing, which allows the user to use any MIDI Continuous Controller number without any other programming effort!

The PatchMate Loop 8 has buffered active and passive inputs, with passive/active and active outputs on the back.  The PatchMate Loop 8 may be set to any MIDI channel and is programmable from the front panel.  It may also be configured for use on any of the 16 banks of controllers via the front panel switches and MIDI In/Out/Thru and is an ideal addition to any rack set up.

Using Rocktron's Smart Controller Technology, the PatchMate Loop 8 can also be used for momentary amplifier switching! 

Rocktron foot controllers such as the All Access Limited, All Access, MIDI Mate and MIDI Xchange are recommended additions to the PatchMate Loop 8 for ultimate control over your gear!

Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8 programmable patch bay
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