Rocktron Hush Pro Stereo Noise Reducer

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The Rocktron Hush Pro Stereo Noise Reducer. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

The Rocktron Hush Pro Stereo Noise Reducer takes Rocktron's famous Hush system a step further. The Hush Pro incorporates stereo ins and outs as well as XLR or 1/4" ins and outs. Nothing beats the Hush, especially the new Hush Pro!

Nothing beats a HUSH® when it comes to reducing, eliminating and exterminating noise problems. The HUSH PRO continues the tradition of over two decades of Rocktron’s world famous HUSH products used by professionals.

The HUSH PRO provides BOTH ¼” and XLR inputs and outputs, and is easy to setup and use. Wipe out noise, eliminate hiss, crackle and other noise problems with the very best, award-winning, noise reduction circuitry possible.

With a dynamic range of 105dB and 72dB of effective noise reduction, the HUSH PRO becomes a valuable tool in the studio, on stage, or in a guitar rig. The HUSH PRO exterminates noise from a wide array of sources. Use the HUSH PRO to curb feedback when connected to a mixer. In this application the HUSH PRO acts as a “hard gate with noise reduction”.

When used correctly, the HUSH PRO is completely transparent, not affecting the audio signal – only the noise). As single-ended noise reduction, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of the HUSH. Rocktron’s patented HUSH noise reduction is a single-ended system that combines the principles of dynamic filtering and low-level downward expansion.

Dynamic filtering is achieved by dynamically-controlling a low pass filter to open and close the bandwidth of the output signal depending on the amount of mid and high band information present in the input signal. The filter bandwidth will only open far enough to pass the highest frequency information in the signal, thus reducing the noise above it.

The second half of the HUSH process incorporates downward expansion. The low level expander of the HUSH system operates like an electronic volume control.

The HUSH PRO front panel provides two controls which each manipulate both channels simultaneously. The HUSH Threshold control sets the amount of noise reduction required for a given input signal, while the Gate Threshold control provides additional downward expansion when increased. (The Gate Threshold control may also be used by itself, allowing the unit to be used strictly as a downward expander).

The HUSH PRO is equipped with an effect IN/OUT (or bypass), and an input sensitivity switch conveniently located on the unit’s front panel.

THE HUSH PRO is also a great addition to every guitar player’s rig. Rocktron’s HUSH PRO leaves your tone intact, while wiping out noise from preamps, stomp boxes, effects units and more. Your search for complete tonal nirvana need not take a turn for the worse just because you add much needed noise reduction.

Unlike those tone-squashing noise gates, Rocktron’s V.I.R. (Variable Integrated Release) circuitry allows every note you play shine through and sustain naturally. No typical gate "chop-off" here. The V.I.R. will track every detail and nuance and provide the necessary noise reduction with ease and simplicity.

  • 1/4" and XLR inputs
  • 1/4" and XLR outputs
  • Stereo
  • Up to 60 dB of gain reduction
  • Noise gate
Rocktron Hush Pro Stereo Noise Reducer
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