Rocktron Classic Wah

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Almost everyone loves lots of features and flashy looks in their guitar gear. But let's be honest; features + flash = lots of cash. Sometimes you just need a reliable pedal that does what it does well at an inexpensive price. That's exactly what the Classic Wah is in the world of wah's.

This wah has a sweet, musical, vintage tone and buyers are surprised at just how well this wah pedal delivers the goods. The Rocktron Classic Wah has a heavy duty, all metal chassis with tension adjustment for the pedal.

The Rocktron Classic Wah includes Rocktron’s easy access battery compartment which makes changing batteries during a gig a breeze. The Rocktron Classic Wah can be powered by batteries or AC powered (not included).

The Rocktron Classic Wah, as with all Wah Wah pedals, should normally be put in the beginning of your signal chain. Although you may place your wah at any place in your signal chain, it usually sounds best at the beginning – directly from your guitar.

• Maximum Input: +10dBu
• Input Impedance: 1M ohm
• Output Impedance: 1K ohm
• Wah frequency Range: 400Hz (Heel Down) to 2KHz (Toe Down)
• Current Consumption: 35ma
• Power Requirements: 9VDC / 300ma

Rocktron Classic Wah
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