Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Signature Cry Baby Wah pedal

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The Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Signature Cry Baby Wah pedal. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

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The Billy Duffy Signature Cry Baby® Wah combines two different wahs in a single housing so you can change between modern and classic sounds on the fly.

Each wah mode has its own inductor, selectable via a kickswitch on the side of the pedal with LED indicators to show which mode is active. 95Q mode features the same aggressive, high Q inductor as the 95Q Cry Baby Wah, along with its Volume and Q controls. Kicking the switch selects Vintage mode, which uses a warm, low Q inductor custom made for Billy based on one of his favorite vintage Cry Baby pedals.

Billy Duffy Signature Cry Baby Wah features convenient auto-return switching—so you can step in and out during riffs and solos—with an internal control to set the bypass delay when you lift your foot. Two more internal controls adjust the toe-down frequency of both the GCB95Q and Ronson modes.

- Two different wah circuits selectable via kickswitch
- Vintage mode uses custom inductor designed just for Billy Duffy
- Auto-return switching

Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Signature Cry Baby Wah pedal
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