Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal

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The Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal. FREE shipping in the USA!

The Dual Expression Pedal delivers precision response and smooth action in a durable cast aluminum housing. Dual TRS expression outputs make it possible to control two effects units simultaneously. The pedal is compatible with any model or brand of effect that features a TRS expression input. The Range Adjust Knob sets the bottom point of the expression range. Plus, a special Sensor Output connects directly to any Hot Hand®, Soundblox®, Soundblox 2, or Soundblox Pro pedal for real-time control over filter sweeps, effect modulation, LFO speeds, wet/dry mixes, drive levels and more.

Features and Specifications
- Two Isolated TRS Expression Outputs – simultaneous control over multiple effect pedals or rack systems.
- Sensor Output — 1/8-inch; four conductor output compatible with all Soundblox, Soundblox 2, or Soundblox Pro pedals.
- Range Adjust Knob — Adjusts the range of expression signal sent through the outputs.
- OUTPUT 1: sends expression signal out via either 1/4 inch TRS cable or 4 conductor Soundblox compatible 1/8 inch sensor cable.
- OUTPUT 2: sends expression signal out via 1/4 inch TRS cable.
- Rugged, cast aluminum housing.
- Includes one 1/4-inch TRS connector cable and one 1/8 inch four conductor Sensor Output cable
- Dimensions: 10 in/25.4cm (Length) x 4 in/10.2cm (width) x 3 in/7.6cm (height)

Download product manual here

Videos courtesy of Source Audio. Video features the Soundblox 2 Reverb with some use of the Dual Expression Pedal

Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal
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