Seymour Duncan Antiquity Retrospec'd Tele Neck Single Coil Pickup - nickel

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The Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Neck pickup. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

At Seymour Duncan, we have a 40 year archive of data on pickup design, detailing every nuance, down to the smallest detail. This knowledge is what gives our legendary Antiquity pickups their authentic tone.

We’ve heard from many guitar builders and players alike, who wanted our Antiquity pickups with a new, pristine look, rather than an aged, vintage look.

So we created the Retrospec’d series. All the tone of yesteryear, in a brand new look.

This neck pickup for Telecaster® guitars is wound as a full-sounding rhythm pickup. It comes with an aged, deep drawn cover for vintage looks and added coil protection. The neck pickup comes with schematic and mounting screws. Each pickup re-creates the look and sound of an aged early '50s pickup. The pickup comes complete with screws, schematics and vintage "push back" cloth braid hookup wire.

Antiquity™ for Tele® Neck
top pickup length: see cover
top pickup width: see cover
bottom pickup length: 3.150
bottom pickup width: .780
total pickup height: .670
total magnet height: .625
winding direction: top going
magnet polarity: north
calibrated no
pickup cover length: 2.565
pickup cover width: .585
pickup cover height: .570
height adjustment: screwed into body cavity
magnet pattern: flush with top & bottom
DC Ohms: 7.6K
Inductance: 2.13 henries
Q : 1.80

Most pickups can't be returned once installed because of the installation process that requires soldering, etc. Seymour Duncan however offers a fantastic 21 Day Return Policy! Here's the details:
Seymour Duncan / Basslines offers our 21 Day Real World Exchange Policy on all new pickups purchased in the U.S. and some other participating countries, which states the following: If for any reason you're not satisfied with the pickup's sound or construction, return it and your receipt to your dealer, or direct to the factory within 21 days for exchange with another pickups of equal or lesser value. To do this, please just send us an email and include your invoice number and the new pickup you'd like to exchange towards.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Retrospec'd Tele Neck Single Coil Pickup - nickel
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