Maxon Compact Series ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus

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The Maxon Compact Series AD10 Analog Delay. FREE shipping in the USA!

The Maxon ASC10 is an analog stereo chorus pedal which provides spacious ambient sound and creates clear and sensitive chorus sound with two simple controls. It offers bold, rich spacious sound, which is a distinctive characteristic of analog chorus and is great on electric guitar, keys, bass, and acoustic guitar.

Video courtesy of Godlyke Distribution. Video mostly features the AD10 Analog Delay. Watch the last 1/3 of the video to see the ASC10 Stereo Chorus in action.

- Variable width of LFO rate is quite large. Leslie speaker effect is available by setting RATE control to faster position (CW).
- Provides dynamic and expressive true stereo chorus effect with two amplifiers.
- Employs noise gate circuit to create natural and clear chorus.
- Easily viewable effect LED for trouble-free performance and battery condition check. RATE LED indicates modulation speed rate. LED brightness synchronizes with the rate you set.
- Two-way power operation, using 9V battery or optional AC adaptor.
- Made In Japan


- Input Impedance 500K Ohms
- Output Impedance 10K Ohms or less
- Delay Time: 4.6mSec to 7.6 mSec
- Control: Rate, Depth
- Switch: Bypass/Effect (Buffered bypass)
- Current Consumption 20 mA at 9VDC
- Dimensions: 70 (W) x 113 (D) x 54 (H) mm
- Weight: 290 Grams

Maxon Compact Series ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus
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