Lace Sensor Tele pickup set

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The Lace Sensor Tele pickup set. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

These pickups deliver the vintage Tele® twang and transform your guitar into a Tele® Plus. All the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat neck character. This set includes one chrome neck pickup and one black bridge pickup.

- TN-100 (Neck)
- Position: neck
- Resistance: 6.5k
- Peak frequency: 3200
- Inductance: 3.3 henries

- T-150 (H/O Bridge)
- Position: bridge
- Resistance: 12.8k
- Peak frequency: 2200
- Inductance: 6.4 henries
High output version of the T-100.

Lace Sensor Tele pickup set
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