JBE Pickups Danny Gatton Tele bridge pickup - black

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JBE Pickups Danny Gatton Tele bridge pickup - black. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

The dual blade Gatton T-Style Pickups, inspired by Danny Gatton, created a new model of high-end replacement pickups as opposed to those that were merely variations on established designs or basic repair parts.

Originally designed for Danny (and with Danny testing every step of the way) they have become the first choice of professional Tele™ players worldwide. The tone of these pickups can be described as absolutely vintage in character, but with greatly expanded fidelity. The lows, mids, and highs are all equal in strength, eliminating the thin, or “tinny” sound that is often a problem with Tele-styled guitars.The T-Neck is remarkable in that it can be adjusted so that its output is actually equal to the T-Bridge, thus solving the age-old Tele player’s complaint: huge output differences between the bridge and neck pickups.

While these pickups can be adjusted to greatly exceed the output level of stock pickups, the authentic Tele twang and snap is maintained.  Noise and hum are completely eliminated.The T-Bridge features our unique “staggered-blade” design, common to all JBE single-coil-sounding s bridge pickups for Strats and Teles. The staggered dual blade ensures balanced response on the outer strings.

These pickups are the best imaginable for the instrument that originally defined the solid body electric guitar.T-Style pickups fit standard Tele body routs and require no modifications to the instrument. They utilize 4 conductor shielded cable to allow for other possible wiring combinations and are supplied with wiring diagrams and mounting hardware to facilitate installation.

Download wiring diagram here

JBE Pickups Danny Gatton Tele bridge pickup - black
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