Ernie Ball 6167 25K Stereo Volume Pedal - Active

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The Ernie Ball 6167 25k Stereo Volume Pedal for use with active instruments or keyboards. FREE shipping in the USA!

The potentiometer has a 25k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of active instruments or buffered effect returns. Use the A input / A output for the left channel and the B input / B output for the right channel. For use as a mono volume pedal, use the A input and A output. For use with stereo cable installations using TRS type stereo plugs use the B input and B output.

Overall Volume Pedal dimensions: 4 W x 11" L x 2 3/4" H.

Ernie Ball 6167 25K Stereo Volume Pedal - Active
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Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 12.00
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