Electro-Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive pedal

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The Electro-Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive pedal. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

A nano-sized version of the Operation Overlord with the same great overdrive and distortion tones, but in mono for those who don’t require stereo ins/outs. It’s super versatile and ready for your axe be it guitar, bass or keys.

The Nano Overlord is switchable between two modes: Normal and Boost. Normal mode provides low to medium gain sounds and relies on three amp-like JFET gain stages. When Boost mode is engaged it’s like adding a pedal-type OD circuit in front of the JFET stages to really increase overall distortion. The pedal also features a Dry blend control which is invaluable for bass and keyboards, a 3-position input level selector switch and an active 3-band EQ.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.75" x 4.5" x 2.1"


  • Compact, yet feature laden overdrive and distortion pedal
  • Create sounds ranging from boost without the grit and sweet crunch all the way to intensely saturated overdrive and thick distortion
  • 3-position input level switch lets you set the initial input gain level for a variety of instruments including guitar, bass and keyboards.
  • Active 3-band EQ for superlative tone shaping
  • In Normal Mode three amp-like JFET gain stages provide low to medium gain sounds
  • In the switchable Boost Mode a classic pedal-style overdrive circuit is added before the JFET stages to increase overall distortion
  • The pedal’s Dry blend control is especially useful for bass and keyboards because it lets you retain your instrument’s articulation, harmonic content and bottom end.

The NANO OVERLORD operates in two modes: NORMAL and BOOST. The NORMAL mode uses three amp-like JFET gain stages for low to medium gain sounds. The BOOST mode adds a classic pedal-style overdrive circuit before the JFET stages to increase overall distortion. BOOST is engaged with the BOOST pushbutton or an external momentary footswitch, and is active when the blue LED is lit. In BOOST mode, a fixed amount of additional gain from the BOOST circuit is fed into the main JFET circuit. The GAIN knob still controls the amount of overdrive in BOOST mode, with more overall distortion on tap.

GAIN Knob – The GAIN knob controls the amount of overdrive/distortion. As you turn GAIN clockwise, the amount of input gain increases.

DRY Knob – The DRY knob mixes a clean unaltered signal with the distortion produced by the NANO OVERLORD. At the minimum position of the DRY knob, the output is 100% overdrive effect, and at the maximum position the output is 100% clean. This function is useful for preserving the harmonic integrity of your playing, which is especially important for keyboards or bass. For guitarists, this feature can be useful if you are stacking the NANO OVERLORD with other drive pedals, or playing it through an overdriven amplifier.

INPUT LVL Switch – This switch controls the initial input level of your instrument into the NANO OVERLORD. Use it to set an appropriate gain level for a variety of instruments. Set the switch to HI for low-level instruments, like a single-coil guitar or vintage electric piano. Set the switch to NORM for humbucker guitars and most modern keyboard workstations. Use the LO setting for high-output instruments, like some synthesizers or boosted guitars.

Tip: The GAIN Knob, INPUT LVL switch, and DRY knob all work together. If the INPUT LVL switch is set properly, turning the DRY knob should not significantly change the overall volume. However, varied settings of the INPUT LVL switch could produce some interesting higher- or lower-gain sounds. Feel free to experiment with this switch – setting it “wrong” might sound great for you, and won’t damage the circuit!

BASS Knob – Active control of the level of the bass frequency range.

MID Knob – Active control of the level of the middle frequency range.

TREBLE Knob – Active control of the level of the treble frequency range.

VOL Knob – This knob controls the overall volume output of the NANO OVERLORD. As this knob is turned clockwise, the output level increases.

Footswitch and red LED – This footswitch selects whether the NANO OVERLORD is engaged or in buffered bypass mode. When the effect is engaged, the red LED will be lit.

BOOST Button and blue LED – This button toggles Boost mode on and off. When in Boost mode, the blue LED will be lit.

Electro-Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive pedal
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