Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine pedal

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The Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine pedal. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

The new C9 Organ Machine springboards off the revolutionary B9 to mine another rich vein of classic gold and provide players with nine more definitive organ and keyboard sounds.
The C9 will transform your instrument into a convincing full body, electric organ or vintage electronic keyboard. For each preset chosen, it also provides precise control over important elements of that sound’s sonic fingerprint like percussive click, modulation, attack/sustain, drawbar setting or high frequency content. Blend your dry signal to create beautiful layers. Lovers of classic organ and keyboard rejoice!

Here are some tips on getting optimum performance from the C9 Organ Machine.

1. The C9 is best as the first pedal in an effects chain.
Place modulation delay and reverb effects after the C9.
The unit will not perform well if placed in the effects loop of a guitar amp.

2. The unit performs best using the bridge pickup of a guitar.
If a guitars pickup has a weak output, performance can be improved by putting a clean boost or a compressor in front of the C9.
It is not advised to place a distortion or overdrive in front of the C9.
This will muddy up the input signal and cause the tracking to be unstable.
If overdrive or distortion is desired it’s best to place it after the C9.

3. Some guitar amplifiers have a uneven peaky frequency response that may cause some sounds to be over accentuated.
A compressor in front or after the C9 can help smooth this out. This helps for a guitar player who’s playing is less than desirable in the dynamics department.

4. The C9 was designed to be used with a guitar.
The unit can be used with a bass guitar BUT the range the bass player can play will be limited.
The unit tracks best above the C note, third fret on the A string.
Below that performance is compromised and not recommended.

5. The top range using a guitar in standard tuning is the 23rd fret.
Above that the organ sound will not be heard.

6. Garbage in Garbage out.
The C9 tracks great and will follow what ever you play, but it is not a talent booster.
Sloppy guitar playing will sound like a sloppy organ player.
The C9 will bend notes just a regular guitar does.
Organs do not bend, so for a more authentic organ sound limit bending.

- Transform the tone of a guitar or keyboard into that of a convincing full body, electric organ
- 9 presets that were finely tuned to emulate some of the most popular and classic electric organ tones
- Control over percussive attack level, modulation speed, organ and dry volume
- Rugged and easy to use
- EHX 9.6DC-200 PSU included


Controls the volume of the untreated instrument at the ORGAN OUTPUT jack.

Controls the overall volume of the ORGAN preset.

MOD controls the speed of modulation. Modulation can be completely turned off when MOD is set fully counterclockwise. The type of modulation is contingent on the preset selected. The different types of modulation available are vibrato, tremolo and chorus. See the preset descriptions for modulation type. 

CLICK controls percussive click level. It was designed to simulate the harmonic percussion effect on classic B3 and C3 organs. The click is added to the very first note or chord played. The click will retrigger only when current notes have been released and their amplitude falls below a threshold. For most presets, CLICK controls parameters unique to the preset. See the preset descriptions for details.

Press the BYPASS Footswitch to toggle the C9 between buffered Bypass and Effect mode. The status LED lights when in Effect mode. 
DRY outputs the signal present at the INPUT Jack through a buffer circuit. The dry signal is outputted regardless if the C9 is in Effect or Bypass mode. The DRY Volume knob does not change the volume at the DRY Output jack.

ORGAN outputs the mix set by the DRY and ORGAN controls.

1. Tone Wheel - Classic tone wheel-esque organ sound. MOD type:  Chorus. CLICK sets level of click sound.
2. Prog – Paying homage to the massive sound of Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer. MOD type:  Chorus. CLICK adjusts the level of two intervals: a fifth above and an octave below.
3. Compact - This preset imitates a sound similar to Ray Manzarek’s tone on the Door’s “Light My Fire.” MOD type:  Vibrato. CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.
4. Shimmer - This preset is based on an effect made popular by Brain Eno and Daniel Lanois. MOD adjusts the attack time. CLICK controls the sustain amount.
5. Lord Purple – Our salute to the Jon Lord-ish type organ sound of Deep Purple. The ORGAN level controls the level of one set of 3 drawbars. MOD Type: Chorus. CLICK adjusts the level of a second set of 3 drawbars.
6. Mello Flutes – A tribute to the classic Mellotron flute tape sound of The Beatles’ song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” MOD Type: Vibrato. CLICK adjusts the depth of the vibrato.
7. Blimp - Led Zeppelin type sound. MOD Type: Chorus. CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.
8. Press Tone – EHX’s nod to the great organ sound found on The Beatles’ song “Let It Be.” MOD type:  Chorus. CLICK sets level of click sound.
9. Telstar - Envisions the legendary sound of a Clavioline as used on The Tornadoes song “Telstar.” MOD Type: Vibrato. CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.

Note: On presets 2, 3, 5 and 7; the CLICK knob is a volume control that works independently of the main ORGAN volume knob.

• C9 has buffered bypass.
• Input impedance is 1M.
• Output impedance for both output jacks is 500K.
• Current draw of the C9 is 100mA.

Download owners manual here

Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine pedal
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