EBS Fafner II Dual Channel 750W Bass Amplifier

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The EBS Fafner II Dual Channel 750W Bass Amplifier. Free shipping in the USA!

Two channel preamp. The EBS Fafner II uses a two channel preamp. The bottom channel is for a Clean sound and the top channel is for Drive, both with tone controls to shape the frequencies exactly as you want them.

Parallel mode.The channels can run in parallel mode. That means that the signal splits in two after the input Gain and Character filters — one goes through the Drive channel and the other goes through the Clean channel. At the end of the line, there´s a level control for the Drive channel (LEVEL) to control how much distortion you want, and a level control for Clean channel (CLEAN LVL) to set the balance between the distorted and clean channel. From there the signal goes to the main Volume control. In this setting, you will leave the bottom clean and defined, while you add as much distortion as you like on top.

Serial mode.You can also run the channels in a serial mode. Then you can apply all tone controls to shape a clean sound, or you get the Drive to affect the whole tonal spectrum. In this mode, the signal goes through the Clean channel filters and then into the Drive channel.

Remote inputs. If you add a footswitch, such as the EBS RM-4, you can kick in the Drive when you need it, offering extended flexibility on stage. The same footswitch can be used to kick in the Character Hi and/or Lo pre-shape filters, and bypass the EQ as well as mute the amp.

The Drive.The advanced Drive has some optional Boost and Tube modes too. Boost mode simply boosts the whole frequency range as you turn up the Drive level control. The Tube mode sends the signal through a 12AX7 (ECC83) tube adding tube character and compression to the clean channel.

Character filters.The Fafner II offers a Hi and a Lo boost character filter. Both engaged at the same time create a mid scooped, pre-shaped sound character. They can also be used one at a time to boost just the lows or highs.

Compressor.The famous built-in compressor adds a smooth and seamless level of compression to your sound, just as much (or little) as you like. On the Fafner II it compresses the clean channel only, leaving the drive channel as wild as you want it unless you are using the amp in a serial mode.

Dual balanced out.A unique feature is the TWO balanced XLR-outputs on the front. These can send out a pre- and a post-EQ line signal — at the same time! This is great in the studio or on stage and gives the sound engineer two different signals to blend together.

Effect loops.Individual effect loops for each channel and a common loop with a mix level control provide maximum flexibility when hooking up your effects.


  • Input Impedance 2 Mohms
  • Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Gain Range -00 - +30 dB
  • Maximum Compression Ratio (Compressor) 3:1
  • Tone Controls
    Bass +/-18 dB @ 80 Hz
    Middle +/- 15dB @100 - 4.500 Hz, Q=0.7/1.8
    Treble +/- 15 dB @10 kHz
  • Drive Gain Range 0 - 40 dB
  • Drive Type Tube (ECC83)
  • Post Drive EQ
    Middle +/- 15 dB @50 - 2.000 Hz
    Edge +/- 12 dB @ 6 kHz
  • Other Features
    Hi and Lo Preshape EQ,
    Individual and
    Common Effect Loops,
    Soft Switch Remotes for Drive, Mute, Filter and
    Character Preshape EQs,
    Dual Balanced Outputs
  • Speaker impedance 2 - 8 ohms
  • Continuous Output Power
    750 W RMS @ 2 ohms,
    >600 W RMS @ 4 ohms
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 19" x 14" x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm)
  • Weight 16 kg / 36 lbs


  • Type: Solid State/Tube Hybrid with 2-channel preamp
  • Two Channel Preamp with separate Drive Channel, possible to run in parallell or serial mode.
  • Individual Fx-Loop for each channel.
  • Common Fx-loop with mix level control (0-100%).
  • Tube Mode.
  • Built-in Compressor.
  • Hi and Lo-boost character filters.
  • Filter Remote Inputs.
  • Double Balanced XLR-Out (post & pre).
  • Line Out, Amp Input, Lo-Z Input and Tuner
  • Output Power: 750 W RMS @ 2 ohms

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EBS Fafner II Dual Channel 750W Bass Amplifier
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