T-Rex Soulmate Multi-Effects Processor

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The T-Rex Soulmate Multi-Effects Processor. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!


We named it SoulMate because you can always depend upon it. At all times, through good and bad, it is always there to help you keep the ball rolling.
The SoulMate combines 5 pedals, a tuner and an integrated switching system in one. The included effects will give you all the bread and butter sounds you need and then some, and it will make you feel right at home when you start exploring the sounds.
The SoulMate can be used as if it was 5 pedals super glued together, but there´s more – the integrated switching system will let you activate any combination of the effects by a single press on a footswitch.
With 10 presets available, you are now free to do the “fretboard dance” and stop doing the “pedal dance”.
The effects are modified versions of some of our most popular pedals, and they have been carefully designed to work together. We even upgraded numerous components in the signal path for a fuller, bigger sound, and the dry signal is kept fully analog all the way through.
And we did not forget about all you two-amp players. The output of the SoulMate is stereo, so it splits your signal automatically.


The overdrive, with its “Møller”-esque tone, is for low gain sounds and the distortion picks up the pace with more gain, that can be set for an aggressive, cutting tone or one that is sweet as honey… yellow honey.
The delay will give you everything from a slightly smooth, vintage delay to a modulated echo reminiscent of our Reptile units.
The reverb serves up four choices of RoomMate ambience, so there is something for everyone in here.
The boost effect gives your sound guy one less thing to worry about by offering an adjustable volume boost. There´s no sense in doing the solo of your life, if no one can hear it, right? Now they can!


We wanted the SoulMate to act, not only as a great collection of pedals, but also as a complete survival kit.
While the tuner does nothing for the sound - actually, it kills it completely when activated - very few guitarists could do a gig without one. Tuning is just like everyday traffic: Red is “No!” - green is “Go!”.
The FX loop is an insert point between the distortion and the delay. It can be used for inserting a volume pedal or for running the SoulMate´s overdrive/distortion in front of your amp and the delay/reverb/boost in the effects loop of your amp. The neatest thing about is that it has an aux power plug, so if you feel naked without that modulation pedal you have played for years, just patch it in and power it up.
We have taken all the essential tools of a working guitarist and stuffed them into a lightweight, easy to use box with the same great tone you get from individual pedals.
Maybe you just realize, that life as a guitarist is easier when you always have your SoulMate by your side, or…in your gig-bag. Now you can take your best mate with you everywhere you go!

Download manual here

Your SOULMATE board contains 5 separate effects, all turned on and off using the numbered footswitches on the board. From left to right, the effects are:

  • OVERDRIVE – A creamy overdrive pedal with 4 controls. The OVERDRIVE knob controls the amount of overdrive, while the BLEND knob lets you mix clean tone in with your overdrive. The TONE knob lets you adjust your tone, and LEVEL controls the effect’s overall volume.
  • DISTORTION – DISTORTION is heavier or “fuzzier” than OVERDRIVE, but the controls are similar. DISTORTION controls the amount of distorted sound, TONE lets you adjust your tone, and LEVEL controls the effect’s overall volume. Instead of the OVERDRIVE’s BLEND knob, DISTORTION gives you a PRESENCE control that can add an nice high-end bite to your sound.
  • DELAY – A beautiful sounding “echo” effect, DELAY gives you everything from a rockabilly slap-back to a space rock freak-out, plus a great CHORUS effect. The DELAY knob controls the strength of the “echo”, while FEEDBACK determines how many repetitions you get. The TIME knob controls how fast the repeats come, and CHORUS adds a gorgeous lilt to your delay repetitions, while keeping your initial attack clean.
    In the right-hand section of your SOULMATE board, the TAP/TUNE footswitch is also part of your DELAY effect. TAP to the rhythm of the song you’re playing, and your DELAY’s TIME setting will sync with the beat.
  • REVERB – REVERB gives you that live sound you normally only get playing in a larger room. The REVERB knob controls the volume of your reverberations, DECAY controls how long they last, and TONE controls their overall tone. The MODE knob helps you get started by selecting a choice of 4 basic “room type” settings.
  • BOOST – To give you a shot of extra volume when you need it, the adjustable BOOST effect delivers from 0 to 14dBs of extra volume. By adjusting the BOOST knob on the back of the unit, you can preset the amount of boost you’d like the pedal to deliver.
  • TUNER MODE - In the right-hand section of your SOULMATE board, you’ll find some additional controls. The first of these (in the top left of this section of the board) is the TAP/TUNE footswitch.
    As described under DELAY, the TAP/TUNE footswitch is where you tap along if you want to match your delay time to the beat of the song you’re playing.
    But, if you hold the footswitch down, your SOULMATE enters TUNER mode. In this mode, the board is muted and the TUNER at the top of right of the pedal is activated. To exit tuning mode, hit any button.

Video courtesy of T-Rex

T-Rex Soulmate Multi-Effects Processor
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