Seymour Duncan AHB-2 Blackouts Metal Active Bridge Humbucker - black

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The Seymour Duncan AHB-2 Blackouts Metal Active Bridge Humbucker - black. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

Updated, redesigned, and re-launched version of LiveWires Metal humbucker with new preamp, new voicing, and ability to switch between output levels. Perfect for all styles of metal, punk, garage, thrash, drop tunings, and heavy rock.

Blackouts Metal pickups are voiced for extreme heaviness. They are our highest output electric guitar pickups. Period. They have a screaming voice with amazing mid-range punch and they produce thick, dark chords, and hard-hitting leads. When you play extreme aggressive styles and you have to cut through above the other instruments in your band, Blackouts Metal are the call.

Blackouts Metal have a unique dual pin configuration on the underside of the pickup for two modes of output: loud and louder. With the same  aggressive tonality in each mode, you now have a choice in output. With the jumper removed, you have a high output bridge humbucker that’s still compatible with a neck pickup or the clean channel on your amp. However, with the jumper in place, you unleash all the raw power, incredible output, and untamed aggression. The pins can also be wired to a mini-switch or push/pull, for an on board boost! Not splitable. Available with black or white covers.

Use Blackouts Metal pickups in any humbucker-routed electric guitar.

Complete Setup
There’s only one version of Blackouts Metal, but you can dial up two very different output levels (see above under "description"). Includes 25K pots, stereo jack, battery clip, pin jumper (see below), and other mounting hardware.

- Cable: Three conductor shielded
- Resonant Peak: Bridge: 1.2 KHz (no Neck version available)
- Magnets: Bridge - Alnico V Bar (no Neck version available)
- EQ (B/M/T): 7 / 9 / 5

Download wiring diagram here

Most pickups can't be returned once installed because of the installation process that requires soldering, etc. Seymour Duncan however offers a fantastic 21 Day Return Policy! Here's the details:
Seymour Duncan / Basslines offers our 21 Day Real World Exchange Policy on all new pickups purchased in the U.S. and some other participating countries, which states the following: If for any reason you're not satisfied with the pickup's sound or construction, return it and your receipt to your dealer, or direct to the factory within 21 days for exchange with another pickups of equal or lesser value. To do this, please just send us an email and include your invoice number and the new pickup you'd like to exchange towards.

Seymour Duncan AHB-2 Blackouts Metal Active Bridge Humbucker - black
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