Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive pedal

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The Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive pedal. FREE shipping in the USA!

The 805 OD is a very transparent, classic Overdrive pedal designed using the legendary 808 chip as a starting point, but with an expanded gain range and a 3-band ACTIVE EQ that isn't commonly found in 808 style overdrive pedals.

The gain range extends from 8dB to 36dB, allowing for a wide range of overdrive options from mild boost to saturated lead gain. The active EQ circuit is designed to allow players full access to be able to fine-tune all elements of the low, mid and high frequency content.

Typical applications for the 805 OD include:
- Use for frequency contouring. Set up a frequency response that works well for saturated overdrive sounds.
- Use to boost level into single channel or clean amps to push them into overdrive and create essentially two channels.
- Use the pedal's own smooth distortion to create a rich, saturated tone even at lower volume levels, with amps that don't have a separate gain or master knobs.

Distortion Circuitry: Glass diode, back-to-back stack
Bypass: True bypass
Gain Control Range: 8dB to 36dB
EQ Center Frequencies:

  • Bass – 90 Hz +/- 11dB
  • Mid – 750 Hz +/- 11dB
  • Treble – 2.1 kHz +/- 12dB


  • Minimum gain, 20 to 20kHz – 112dBV
  • Minimum gain, 400 to 20kHz – 114dBV
  • Maximum gain, 20 to 20kHz – 97.5dBv
  • Maximum gain, 400 to 20kHz – 98 dBV

THD @10mVrms input @ 1 kHz with 12 dB of gain: 0.15%
Max Output before Saturation: 0.6Vrms
Input Impedance: 470k Ohms
Output Impedance: 1k Ohms
Power: 9V battery or external 9 to 18V Regulated DC Adapter (center negative)
Current consumption: 4.5mA
Dimensions: 2.61” X 4.90” X 1.45”
Weight: 0.8lb. without battery

Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive pedal
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