Rocktron Reaction Phaser Pedal

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The Rocktron Reaction Phaser pedal. FREE shipping in the USA!

Set your phasers for stun, gang! Rocktron brings you the Reaction Phaser, a classic phaser pedal that will add a great effect to your arsenal.

The Reaction Phaser is very easy to use. Just set the SPEED control and off you go. The SPEED knob controls the speed of the modulation waveform. Simple! The Reaction Phaser has True-Bypass, when the pedal is off, it is out of the signal path.

A phaser is one of those effects that does not have a stringent placement within the signal chain. Some players love it first in the chain, while others like it after the distortion. Some even love it at the end of the chain. Placing the Reaction Phaser first in the chain in front of your distortion or directly into your amp will produce a grainy, gritty effect that adds excitement to your playing. Conversely, if placed after your distortion pedal, or within the effects loop of an amp, it will produce a smoother effect. Experiment and find what works best for you.

You ain’t talkin’ about phasers unless your talking about the Reaction Phaser! It’s that classic phaser sound with true bypass to boot.

Rocktron Reaction Phaser Pedal
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