Rockett Pedals Lemon Aid Clean Boost pedal - open box

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The Lemon Aid was the most difficult pedal to name due to its versatility. It is a boost pedal in essence but it also acts as a sort of preamp or frequency modifier. This pedal offers a clean, treble and full boost all in one. However, each boost position is adjustable in several aspects. You can make any one of the desired boost settings either thicker or thinner or you can cut the overall output to make the effect more subtle. The combinations of all of the available settings give you a myriad of boosts and frequency modifications. We love to use it as a lead boost for any overdrive but on its own you can achieve the most lush and beautiful clean tones that sustain incredibly well. You can also run the pedal on its loudest setting and slam the front end of your amp for natural crunchy tones. The Lemon  Aid works equally well as a bass boost and an acoustic guitar preamp... this pedal will honestly improve the tones of every other overdrive pedal on your board.

The Lemon Aid truly brings out an amazing amp like quality to any pedal. You can also bring massive chime out in any single coil for beautiful cleans. With the “Full Boost” mode on you can slam the front end of your amp and push it well into overdrive. The key to this pedal is how you work the tone knob!. This pedal cleans up brilliantly giving you and extremely glassy tone when you back off your guitars volume. Experiment, experiment, experiment. The Lemon Aid works differently with all guitars so be aware of its massive volume in the “Full Boost” mode.

We recommend that you start with all control knobs at 12:00. This pedal takes a lot of experimentation. There are so many tones, you can tweak all day. The pedal was designed to help a bad guitar or amp sound good. It also makes a good guitar or amp sound better. We prefer to simply use it as a lead boost to any one of our OD pedals.

Video courtesy of Rockett Pedals

Any standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.

- Volume
- Tone
- Voice switch: provides sort of a thick or thin sound applicable to any combination of settings.
- Boosts switch: In the up position you get your treble boost, in the middle position you get your clean boost and in your down position you get your full boost.
- Cut switch: used to cut output and top end. It is best used when either the “Full Boost” or “Treble Boost” modes are selected. This will help you taylor the frequencies and volumes to your taste.

Download owners manual here

Rockett Pedals Lemon Aid Clean Boost pedal - open box
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