KHDK Electronics No. 2 Handmade Clean Boost pedal

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The No. 2 is KHDK’s original Clean Boost, utilizing the strength of KHDK’s unique circuit. Providing a warm, tube-like boost, it was designed for those who appreciate a natural and subtle gain.

Best used as a tool for shaping your tone on a quality all-tube amp, the No. 2 allows the organic and transparent EQ controls to fully develop your tone.


1. Gain Controls the unity gain of the circuit.

2. Volume Controls the overall output volume of the No. 2.

3. The hi/lo switch Is tied directly into the gain. The lo setting offers a warm, tube-like boost.  The hi setting adds saturation, compression and a powerful mid boost.

4. Bass Controls the bass and lower mid-frequency gain. The bass is tied into the gain, making it a secondary gain control enhancing lows. For boosting an overdriven tube amp, it is recommended to lower the Bass control setting for a tighter bass response. For single note soloing, turn the Bass control clockwise.

5. Treble Control Is a passive low-pass filter, cutting high end and offering a wide frequency range. The setting depends on your amplifier; we recommend cutting the treble on brighter amps to achieve a warm tone.

6. Footswitch Engages your No. 2 to “on” or True bypass mode.


The KHDK No. 2 Clean Boost is powered by a single 9V battery. You can access the battery connection by unscrewing the bottom plate of the pedal enclosure. Alternatively, plug in an external 9V DC (center negative) power supply.

KHDK Electronics No. 2 Handmade Clean Boost pedal
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