Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere MKII Tube Rotating Speaker Simulator

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The Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere MKII Tube Rotating Speaker Simulator. FREE shipping in the USA!

The Tube Rotosphere® MK II has all the inspirational power of the legendary Leslie® cabinets. It not only puts the response of a tube-powered Leslie at players’ toe-tips, it also boasts two rotation speeds and legit sounding deceleration & acceleration effects. Rotosphere’s spectrum ranges from clean to sizzling rock scream. In stereo mode, it serves up all the tonal complexity and dynamics of the real deal, a bona fide Leslie. In fact Tube Rotosphere MK II feels so real, that some of world’s most celebrated players won’t leave home without it!

Technical Data

Preamp 1x 12AX7
Effects Rotary, Drive
Switching Functions Bypass, Breaker, Slow-Fast, Mode (guitar/keys)
Special Features Drive, Output, Rotor Balance 2 Trimmers for Fast Speed setting
Bypass Real Bypass
Dimensions 226 x 215 x 80 mm
Weight 2 kg/4,4 lbs


What distinguishes the Rotosphere from the Rotosphere MKII?
The MK II version offers two new features that its predecessor, the first Tube Rotosphere, lacked:
When you stop the rotary action, the simulated drum and horn always return to the same default position. This ensures that varying rotor positions don’t color the sound of the pedal and that you get consistent tone when you use the Tube Rotosphere purely as a tube preamp.

2. A couple of trim pots let you adjust the FAST speed separately for the drum and horn. These two trimmers are located to the left and right of the BALANCE knob. Use a small screwdriver to adjust them. Feel free to try out different settings for the two rotors and dial in the combination of speeds that you like best.
The button that controls the BREAKER function was replaced with an On/Off switch. While the old model required you to hold the button down with your foot to arrest the rotary action, now you can simply activate and deactivate the BREAKER at the touch of a button. That frees up your foot to operate other effect devices or, in the case of organs, bass pedals.
Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere MKII Tube Rotating Speaker Simulator
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