EWS Tri-Logic Bass Pre-amp II

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The EWS Tri-Logic Bass Pre-amp II. FREE shipping in the USA!

The popular Xotic Tri-logic has been reincarnated as the "EWS Tri-logic Bass Preamp 2". Keeping with the original specifications like 18V power and 3-band EQ, the new EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 2 is housed in a smaller more compact design, but has improved articulated tone shaping properties. We also reduced the price!  Well thought out features including a 3 band EQ, a Mid Selector Switch (enhances high or low features) and a Passive/Active switch (for use with both passive and active pickups/electronics) make the Tri-Logic one of the most powerful pedals you can get for your bass.

Video courtesy of Prosound Communications

Volume: Adjusts the volume.
- Mid Selector Switch: Allows you to enhance the High-Mid or Low-Mid frequencies.
Gain: to control +20db boost
- 3 Band EQ: Allows you to cut or boost Treble, Bass and Middle frequencies.
- Passive/Active Switch: Pedal is compatible with both passive and active bass input. With the slide switch on right side, you can switch between the 2 input types.
EWS Tri-Logic Bass Pre-amp II
Weight: 1.20 LBS
Width: 3.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 6.00
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Warranty: TLP-2