Eden Amplification WTX500 WTX Series Bass Amp

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The Eden Amplification WTX500 WTX Series Bass Amp. Free shipping in the USA!

At 4.3 lbs (less than 2 Kg) the WTX500 is a true lightweight bass amplifier. Easy to transport, delivering 500W at 4Ω, the WTX500 is more than capable of holding its own live. Featuring 3 stage EQ, Bass Boost, Mid Shift, "Enhance", ¼" headphone output, footswitch input and left and right ¼" auxiliary input and Mute switch. The WTX500 has the power to deliver, at home, on the stage and in the studio.

The WTX500 provides the ability to easily take Eden tone and power with you in a compact portable package. Not only can you get great tone and power out of this punchy little amplifier, but you also have access to an effects loop, auxiliary inputs and a flexible DI on the rear of the amplifier. With its 500W power output the WTX500 can deliver a surprising amount of volume.

Feature Specification

Power: 500 Watts @ 4 Ω
THD: <.5%
Amp Modes: Mono
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20KHz
Speaker Connection: Speakon or 1/4"
Weight: 4.3lbs / 1.95kg
Dimensions: H: 2.5 in / 6.35cm, W: 8 in / 20.3cm, D:9 in / 22.8cm

WTX500 Front Panel Navigation:
1. Illuminated Eden logo; Illuminates when unit is switched on.
2. Input; connect your instrument to the amplifier.
3. Tuner Mute Indicator; illuminates when tuner mute is active.
4. Gain Control/Input Pad; Adjust the amount of input signal to the amplifier here/Pull this control to engage a -12bB pad for higher output instruments.
5. Tuner Mute Switch; Press to toggle tuner mute on/off.
6. Level Indicator; Use this to help set your input signal level this should illuminate on your loudest/lowest notes.
7. Enhance Control; Providing Eden tone shaping use this control to increase the amount of proprietary EQ sweep in your sound / pull this control to bypass the amplifiers internal compressor.
8. Effects Loop Send; Signal Out.
9. Bass Level Control; Use this control to select the amount of cut or boost you require in the low frequency range / Pull control to engage Bass Boost function to achieved added low end.
10. Effects Loop Send; Signal In.
11. Mid Level Control; Use this control to select the amount of cut or boost you require in the mid frequency range / pull control to move where in the mid frequency range mid cut or
boost is applied.
12. Auxiliary Input Left.
13. Treble Level Control; use this control to select the amount of cut or boost you require in the Higher frequency / Pull this control to move the DI signal to post position in the amplifier.
14. Auxiliary Input Right.
15. Limit Indicator; Displays when amplifier power output is 1being reached.
16. Master Control; Adjust the overall output level of the unit.
17. Tuner Out; Connect your rack or foot pedal tuner.

WTX500 Back Panel Navigation:
1. Power Inlet; Insert supplied power cord.
2. Power Switch; Turn your amplifier off and on.
3. Footswitch; Connect optional footswitch here to toggle tuner mute and enhance functions.
4. Recording DI Out; Take your DI line for a recording console or desk from.
5. Ground Lift Switch; Switch ground lift feature for the XLR Recording DI output.
6. DI Level Control; Adjust the output level of the DI.
7. Headphone Out; Connect your headphones to the amplifier.
8. ¼ Jack Output 1; Connect your amplifier to a speaker cabinet.
9. Speakon Output 1; Connect your amplifier to a speaker cabinet.

Download owners manual here

Eden Amplification WTX500 WTX Series Bass Amp
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Depth: 10.00
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