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The DLS Effects Versa Vibe. FREE shipping in the USA!

Welcome to the pure analog, Versa Vibe™ by DLS Effects™!  This new effect is called “Versa Vibe” for a reason… it is more versatile than most vibe effects out there! DLS innovation includes Optical Technology plus industry New controls such as; Bass Throb, Wet-Dry, and Waveform pots to dial in any Vibe sound imaginable! There is even a new internal Brightness pot to adjust brighter or darker Chorus (Vibe) Tone.

Switch between Vibrato & Chorus for pitch bending vibrato, or signature Trower and Gilmour vibes. Dial in that classic Jimi & SRV sound, or vintage Magnatone® amp vibrato, not to mention some new radical vibes like double pulse throb sounds. Select Vintage for more intense, thicker, traditional sounds, or switch to Modern for brighter tones.

A charge pump circuit increases the analog voltage so you get warm, dynamic, high headroom pure analog sound without clipping! An Expression pedal input jack is available for rate with a foot pedal. True switch bypass and non polarity 9vdc input put the Versa Vibe over the top.

Download all of the datasheets and sample settings chart here:

Main datasheet (includes sample settings)


- All analog circuitry!
- Optical Technology produces extremely warm sounds with versatility.
- Waveform: Controls the personality of the vibes from smooth to abrupt
- Wet/Dry: Use to adjust the Chorus or Vibrato from liquid to dryer sounding chorus and vibes
- Bass Throb: Adjusts how much bass throb from mild to heavy bass throbs
- Depth: Controls the depth of the Vibes
- Rate: Controls the speed of the Versa Vibe
- Rate LED: Red LED blinks at the Versa Vibe rate
- Modern~Vintage: set for 60s style thick vintage, or brighter Modern sound
- Vibrato~Chorus: set for pitch bending Vibrato or Liquid Vibes
- Output Volume: Volume output on OUTA (from mild to boost levels for leads)
- Internal Brightness Pot: Adjust brighter or darker Chorus Vibes
- On/Off LED: Green LED lit when the effects is ON
- On/Off Switch: Engages the effect when ON, Switched bypass when OFF.
- INA jack: 1/4" jack, instrument input
- OUTA jack: 1/4" jack Output to amplifier
- Expression Input: Plug expression pedal to control Rate (recommended Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5, Boss )
- Internal INA Pot: Adjusts the input gain level of Input A
- 9vdc input: 2.1mm jack, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9volt pedal board supply) (Input voltage 9vdc to 14vdc, Input current is 30ma at 9vdc)
- Internal charge pump: increases voltage for pure analog sound with high head room to prevent clipping
- 9vdc transformer included
- Small Size: 5”L x 4”W x 2.5”H
- All steel enclosure, steel pots, and steel jacks
- Powder coated enclosure (more durable than standard painting)



Technology: All analog circuitry!
Power: 9vdc, 60ma, 2.1mm jack (DC adapter included)
*Our internal circuit will accommodate any polarity
of input jack.

Enclosure: Solid heavy gauge steel (5"L x 4" W x 2.5”H)
Controls: Steel switches, pots, and ¼” jacks

DLS Effects Versa Vibe
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