DiMarzio DP177 / DP178 True Velvet Tele neck & bridge pickup set

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The DiMarzio DP177 / DP178 True Velvet Tele neck (chrome) & bridge pickup set. FREE shipping in the USA!

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Tele® neck pickups are finicky creatures. Players have often complained that they’re too weak, too muddy, and just don’t sound good. The Twang King™ Neck solved these problems, and we’ve taken it to the next level with the True Velvet™ T Neck. The low strings are as big and clean sounding as they are with the Twang King™, the highs are smoother, and the attack is stronger. This combination of qualities allows the True Velvet™ T to sound both pretty and tough.

The sound of a great vintage Tele® bridge pickup - if you can find one - is almost magical. It blends elements that shouldn’t be able to coexist: sizzle and warmth, sharp attack, and smooth sustain. In other words, it has depth. Single notes have weight and presence, and chords have detail and dimension. This was our goal for the True Velvet™ T Bridge. Controlled-tension coil winding, custom wire and hand-calibrated magnets give the True Velvet™ T real vintage sound, and double wax potting ensures that it’s squeal-free.

Recommended For
Any Tele player looking for vintage Tele tone!

Tech Talk

Like the Twang King™, the True Velvet™ T features controlled-tension coil-winding, special wire and hand-calibrated magnets. It also has an unplated cover on for the purest sound, and it's wax-potted twice for squeal-free performance.

Like the Twang King™ Bridge model, our sonic goal was to combine the best tonal qualities of several Broadcaster® and Telecaster® pickups from the '50's and early '60's. The difference is the "size" of the sound. The True Velvet™ T Bridge is bigger, and there's greater dynamic range, from soft to loud.

Wiring: 2 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5
DC Resistance: 6.64 Kohm (neck) / 7.41 Kohm (bridge)
Year of Introduction: 2009

Most pickups can't be returned once installed because of the installation process that requires soldering, etc. DiMarzio however offers a fantastic 30 Day Exchange Policy! Here are the details:
If you are not happy with the sound of this pickup, please call DiMarzio within 30 day so of purchase at 718.816.8112 (M-F 12-5 Eastern) for our exchange policy. Dated sales receipt from an authorized DiMarzio dealer is required for exchange. US residents only.

DiMarzio DP177 / DP178 True Velvet Tele neck & bridge pickup set
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