Death By Audio Evil Filter & Fuzz pedal

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The Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun pedal. FREE shipping in the USA!

This is the Evil Filter. It is a super gooey sick and rich filter by nature. Then it can be turned up to scare birds, dogs, critters, normal concert goers and potentially some aliens. It can also glitch out to produce octaves, envelope bends and songs. The Filter knob is controlled optically so it is super gooey sick and rich. The fuzz is barely hanging on for dear life. This is the head turner.

Psycho HP/BP/LP filter with LASER ETCHED ENCLOSURE. Can be pushed past the limit to glitch out into octaves up, down, and envelope folds. The EVIL FUZZ is just that total balls to the wall or balls to the wall times 2 with blooming inverted compression. The CV/Expression in enables you to move the filter up and down in sync with an arpeggiating synth or control it with an expression pedal. Sounds great with guitar, bass or synth.


  • FILTER FREQUENCY IN HZ - The cutoff frequency for the filter or the center in BAND PASS. This knob also controls the high point of the range of the CV/EXP control.
  • FILTER OUTPUT - Controls the output volume of the filter. The filter comes after the fuzz so when both are engaged it acts as the master volume.
  • FILTER SELECTOR - Selects the type of filter.
    • HIGH PASS - Every frequency above the FILTER FREQUENCY IN HZ knob comes through loud and clear with a resonance spike at the dialed in frequency.
    • BAND PASS - Everything above and below the frequency selected gets attenuated. Similar to a wah-wah.
    • LOW PASS - All frequencies below the set frequency come through and all above are attenuated.
  • FILTER RESONANCE - Adjusts the resonance or “ring” of the filter from minimal to sharp and pronounced on NORM RES. On x10 ranges the resonance from subtle to self oscillation and unpredictable results like enveloping waveforms and octave generation.
  • FUZZ OUTPUT - The output volume of the fuzz. When turned up it can start to overload the filter in cool ways.
    • Super blown out fuzz with blooming fuzz side effects.
    • Standard over the top fuzz.

This pedal operates on a 9V negative tip / positive ring 2.1mm power adaptor or with a 9V battery. When using a 9V battery disconnect the input when not using to save battery life.

EXP/CV - works with standard 10k expression pedals and with less range with a mono cable. Also accepts +/-5V CV.


  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative
  • Current Draw: 22mA
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 117mm x 190mm
  • Weight: 14oz
  • Lifetime warranty
Death By Audio Evil Filter & Fuzz pedal
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