Benedetto S-6 S-Series Floating Jazz Guitar Pickup

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The Benedetto S-6 S-Series Floating Jazz Guitar Humbucker Pickup. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

The “S” pickups are naturally-voiced. A good archtop guitar has balance, warmth and richness. These pickups mirror those same qualities and bring out the true acoustic essence of a fine guitar. The unique black-flamed Ebonova covers with the embedded Benedetto logo reflect the natural figuring of the guitar’s tone woods. These pickups were designed for the purist who plays a true acoustic archtop without a pickup routed in the guitar’s top. With the “S” installed, the guitar isn’t, strictly speaking, an electric guitar: it’s an amplified acoustic. Designed to be compatible with steel, nickel and bronze strings.

Pickguard (floating) mount, low profile, humbucking, 6- and 7-string archtop guitar pickups.

- Magnet ­ Alnico V Bar
- Cable: ­ Miniature single conductor co-axial.
- DC resistance:­ 9.55 K Ohms
- Inductance:­ 3.95 H
- Resonant Frequency: 5.38 KHz
- Body Measurements: 2.80 x 1.26 x .440"
- Part No. - 11601-01

Benedetto S-6 S-Series Floating Jazz Guitar Pickup
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